1. Let Go
  2. Heroes
  3. Wilderness Of Eden
  4. The Last Unicorn
  5. Kickback
  6. Queen's Gambit/
  7. Stalemate
  8. Vertigo/
  9. The Long Sleep/
  10. Rip Van Winkle
  11. Wolf
  12. Wave
  13. Human
  14. One Day









Chris McMahon - Keyboards, bass, programming
Paul McMahon - Vocals, guitar, programming








World Turtle
C'est La Vie / Ember
20th Anniversary Concert
Cellar Replayed
Stoat & Bottle
30th Anniversary Shows
Sampler 1
Sampler 2

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World Turtle/Haze celebrate over 15 years in the business with this their new album. Fourteen more well crafte tracks giving 74 minutes of their own classic rock sound. Chris (Bass & Keyboards) and Paul McMahon (Guitar & Vocals) have augmented the instrumentation with guests on drums, sax, flute, violin, viola and mandolin to produce a more varied and creative album, but still showcasing the longer tracks with great guitar/keyboard work and powerful vocals.