1. Intro
    2. Turn Around
    3. Mirage
    4. Over The River
    5. Another Country
    6. Autumn
    7. 4 Real
    8. See her Face
    9. Portrait
    10. The Edge of Heaven
    11. Let Go
    12. The Vice


    1. Hitchhiking
    2. Ophelia
    3. In The End
    4. Dragonfly
    5. Train
    6. The Hum (inc Danny’s jig)
    7. A Firkin of Mead
    8. The Barrister & The Bargast
    9. Unto The Dawn
    10. In The Light
    11. the Night
    12. Seven Stones
    13. Last Orders
    14. Comfortably Numb









Chris McMahon - Bass, Keyboards
Paul McMahon - Guitars, Vocals
Paul Chisnell - Drums

Ceri Ashton - Flute







World Turtle
C'est La Vie / Ember
20th Anniversary Concert
Cellar Replayed
Stoat & Bottle
30th Anniversary Shows
Sampler 1
Sampler 2

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Sampler 4









Haze celebrated their 30th anniversary this year and recorded two shows at The Peel, Kingston and The Boardwalk, Sheffield to produce this fine 2CD commemorative set.

For these gigs the band tried to avoid playing too many of the obvious choices that had already been captured live on their 10th and 20th Anniversary CDs, by including six new songs and some of their oldest (Turn Around, Portrait and Unto The Dawn) together with classics from their repertoire (Last Orders, Seven Stones and The Vice).

The classic trio line up of Paul Chisnell and brothers Paul and Chris McMahon are joined on some tracks by flautist Ceri Ashton, to make this an essential buy even if you couldn’t make the concerts.