1. The Night
  2. I Fear That I'll
  3. Survive
  4. Portrait
  5. A Firkin Of Mead
  6. Take Me Home
  7. Aardvarks Anonymous
  8. Turn Around
  9. Unto The Dawn
  10. In The Light
  11. Dig Them Mushrooms
  12. Anonymous Aardvarks
  13. Seven Stones...
  14. The Exiles Song
  15. Seven Stones... (live)
  16. Aardvarks reprise









Chris McMahon - Keyboards, bass, programming
Paul McMahon - Vocals, guitar, programming








World Turtle
C'est La Vie / Ember
20th Anniversary Concert
Cellar Replayed
Stoat & Bottle
30th Anniversary Shows
Sampler 1
Sampler 2

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World Turtle - Wilderness of Eden
Sampler 4










Second part of the trilogy bringing the Haze back catalogue onto CD. Superbly remixed and remastered by the McMahon brothers from the original master tapes. All of the Cellar Replayed album plus their two most popular songs “Seven Stones” and “The Exiles Song” from the original Cellar Tapes album. Added to this is a superb unreleased live long take of “Seven Stones” and an outtake from the Cellar Replay Sessions.