1. Pilgrim 7:45
    2. Silence of the Universe 4:42
    3. Walk On Land 5:16
    4. How We Used To Go 2:09
    5. The Magnificent Forest 4:58
    6. Reveal The Mystery 4:12
    7. Giant Man 4:36
    8. The Book 5:51
    9. Blue Shadows 3:07
    10. A Dream 2:01
    11. The Deep Ocean 4:03

    Bonus Tracks
    12. Out There Somewhere 4:26
    13. Frank (new version) 22:57

    Total Time 76:09












Trion - Tortoise
Trion - Pilgrim
Sampler 6

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Trion’s long awaited second CD is a concept album, still within the style of 70’s progressive music. Being made up of members of Flamborough Head and Odyssice, the name is a contraction of the words trio and tron (being short for mellotron).

Edo Spanninga still uses the mellotron, massed choir, church organ, strings and cello sounds from the Mellotron tapes, but to this has added some great Hammond organ and piano work.

Eddie Mulder produces some stunning guitar work, recalling at times Akkerman, Hackett, Gilmour and of course his own work with Flamborough Head.

Menno Boomsma of Odyssice gives us his usual great drun and percussion work.

Production on the album is stunning and the package is complete wit great artwork.

As a bonus the group has produced a new version of their epic track “Frank”, which has not appeared on their albums and has been much demended.

This is an album for those interested in the ambitious 70’s styled instrumental music in the Genesis/Focus/Yes/Floyd vein and all those who love the sound of the Mellotron. Flamborough Head and Odyssice fans will of course be awaiting this with baited breath.