Disk 1:

1. ABARAX - Journeys End/Autumn Storm 14:11
2. ROB ANDREWS & RA - Last Farewells 5:48
3. DISCIPLINE - Canto IV (Limbo) (live) 13:43
4. DRAMA - A Revelation (alternate) 7:30
5. FLAMBOROUGH HEAD - Mantova (live) 8:20
6. THE GIFT - Escalation (alternate) 6:21
7. KARDA ESTRA - The Alpha And The Omega 7:15
8. LANDS END - My Home (alternate) 6:57

Disk 2:

1. MOSTLY AUTUMN - Heroes Never Die (2000 reprise) 8:26
2. NAUTILUS - The Dark Room 5:36
3. NICE BEAVER - Saturday Night Beaver 7:12
4. THE PINEAPPLE THIEF - Dead In The Water and Blood On Your Hands 12:56
5. PRODUCT - Stranger and Kiroshi 10:22
6. SENSITIVE TO LIGHT - Carpe Diem (alternate) 7:16
7. TRION - Out There Somewhere 4:31
8. TR3NITY - Into The Dark (alternate) 13:16





Rob Andrews and RA
Flamborough Head
The Gift
Karda Estra
Lands End
Mostly Autumn
Nice Beaver
The Pineapple Thief
Sensitive To light








Sampler 1
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 4 (2CD)
Sampler 5 (2CD)







CYCLOPS are proud to announce our latest Sampler – the sixth in our award winning series. This budget 2CD set has 140 minutes of exclusive, alternate and rare tracks from bands on the label.

For the first CD of the set Abarax have produced a new opus showcasing their great guitar work. Rob Andrews and RA gives us a brand new track, while Discipline. offer a live version of their epic Canto IV. Drama, The Gift and Lands End give us alternate versions of tracks from their albums. Flamborough Head give a stunning live version of Mantova and Karda Estra finish off the CD with a brand new track.

The second CD starts with a Mostly Autumn track that fans who did not get the Prints In The Stone EP have been asking for – the improved 2000 reprise of Heroes Never Die. Nautilus give us a different take of their Dark Room, Nice Beaver show us that Saturday Night Beaver is the best kind, while The Pineapple Thief fans will want the superb 13 minute epic produced especially for this Sampler. Product give us previously unreleased Stranger and Kiroshi. Sensitive To Light give us radical re-working of one of their best tracks followed by an excellent new track from Trion. The Sampler is brought to a close with a new rendition of an epic track by Tr3nity