1. Livin’ A Lie
  2. From Afar
  3. Run Before You Walk
  4. More Than I Deserve
  5. The Last Great Climb







Chris Campbell - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Rob Davenport - Bass, Guitars
Paul Gath - Keyboards
Graham Lane – Bass
Rolf Smith - Drums








The Cold Light Of Darkness
Precious Seconds

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Stunning second album from this ever rising British band. Each of the five tracks are over the ten minutes mark giving room for the catchy songs to evolve through long instrumental sections that feature great guitar and keyboard work.

The epic twenty minute track “The Last Great Climb” encapsulates all that is great about Tr3nity, with echoes of Pink Floyd, Pendragon and Camel but with the bands own trademark sound.

Those that bought their debut album “Cold Light Of Darkness” will need this album along with those who like epic progressive rock and have not yet picked up on this great band.

Which Way? Is a great example of this, with a sharp catchy song for 5 minutes before it evolves into a great 10 minute Animals type Floyd instrumental with some stunning guitar work.

The epic 20 minute concept piece Exposure Suite is split into four sections and continues the groups vocal and instrumental prowess with wonderfully constructed thematic passages.

Definitely one for all fans of Progressive, especially those that like the Floyd/Pendragon style of guitar work.