1. Eyes of a Child
  2. The Mask
  3. Into The Dark
  4. Which Way?

    The Exposure Suite
  5. The Film
  6. Help Me
  7. Is There A Paradise?
  8. Can't You See?







Chris Campbell - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Rob Davenport - Guitars
Paul Gath - Keyboards
Rolf Smith - Drums








The Cold Light Of Darkness
Precious Seconds

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Again CYCLOPS bring you a great new find.

This new British quartet have produced a stunning opening work which will place them well in the Progressive genre.

The first half of the album shows the groups Pink Floyd influences with each track having a short song before weaving itself into an instrumental section with both lead guitar and keyboards taking turns for solos before returning to the song again and then another solo.

Which Way? Is a great example of this, with a sharp catchy song for 5 minutes before it evolves into a great 10 minute Animals type Floyd instrumental with some stunning guitar work.

The epic 20 minute concept piece Exposure Suite is split into four sections and continues the groups vocal and instrumental prowess with wonderfully constructed thematic passages.

Definitely one for all fans of Progressive, especially those that like the Floyd/Pendragon style of guitar work.