1. From The Ancient World
         - 1st Movement: Ephemeral Past
         - 2nd Movement: Roots
         - 3rd Movement: Legends and Fairytales
         - 4th Movement: Ancient World
  2. Real World
  3. Sleeping Volcano
  4. November
  5. 5th Movement: Epilogue






Jean-Philippe Dupont - Keyboards
Vynce Leff - Guitars, Flute, Synths
Jenny Lewis - Vocals
Rejane Tunel - Drums
Fred Vernet - Bass






Almost Human
Sampler 6

Escaping The Hands Of God
Prophet In A Statistical World
Sampler 5






The long awaited new album by Sensitive To Light is now completed. From The Ancient World is a concept work with compositional influences from both symphonic and rock music. Jenny Lewis’s heavenly vocals intertwine with the stunning lead guitar and massed keyboards create an ebb and flow of imaginative and moving themes.

Beautiful vocal led songs such as Real World mix with long instrumental passages, as in the From The Ancient World suite, through to the exquisite all instrumental Epilogue this is an album that is not just inventive but intricate and accessible, full of the passion of the musicians for their music.