1. Pinocchio: (i)  Dream Are Coming True Tonight
  2.                  (ii) Birth
  3. Something Happened In The Garden Of Eden
  4. Carpe Diem
  5. Kyre (Gepetto's Death)
  6. Snow
  7. Travels
  8. Father (The Truth)
  9. Memories

Bonus Track:





Jean-Philippe Dupont - Keyboards
Vynce Leff - Guitars, keyboards, vocals, additional MIDI winds
Jenny Lewis - Vocals
Georgio Salvini - Drums
Claude Thill - Bass






Sampler 6

Escaping The Hands Of God
Prophet In A Statistical World
Sampler 5






Sensitive to Light is the new band formed by Saens guitar/keyboard/composer Vynce Leff. From this common thread the two bands’ sounds are very clearly related but this new band is fronted by a female vocalist of exceptional talent.

"Almost Human" is a concept piece with stunning lead guitar work and massed keyboards creating imaginative and moving themes which ebb and flow intertwined with heavenly female vocals. With compositional influences from both rock and symphonic music the album is more melodic and accessible than Saens work. On the playing side the influences include Spocks Beard, Yes and the guitar work of Oldfield. By combining these varied facets Sensitive to Light produce their own unique brand of progressive music. The most obvious difference from the Saens sound is the fantastic vocal talent of Jenny Lewis, coming from a folk/celtic background her voice is clear and melodic adding a purity to the overall sound.

Beautiful vocal led songs such as Carpe Diem mix with long instrumental passages, as in the track Birth, through to the sublime vocal/acoustic guitar of Memories this is an album that is not just inventive but intricate and accessible, full of the passion of the musicians for their music.