Rob Andrews - bass
David Groves - guitars
Steve Hillman - keyboards
Dai Rees - drums

with guest musician:







An Amnesty For Bonny Things On A Sunny Day
The Host
The Wake
Sampler 4
Sampler 5
Sampler 6






RA is the new project of Rob Andrews (bass) and Steve Hillman (keyboards) along with David Groves (Rob Andrews Band) on lead guitar and Dai Rees on drums. Joining the band as guest musician on a few tracks is violinist Phil Morgan.

Collectively they have produced an instrumental album which contains some memorable melodies. The tracks contain some fine lead guitar work enhanced with keyboard and Hammond support which gives a nod towards the music of Focus and Finch. A solid rhythm section propels both the short and longer tracks giving the foundation and freedom for the soloists to add their expressions but also excels when the band are working together.

For fans of good instrumental music, not just those who already know Rob Andrews and Steve Hillman but also those into Focus, Finch and Solaris.