1. Private Paradise
    2. Whatever you do - do nothing
    3. No one leaves this earth
    4. Punish Yourself
    5. Everyone must perish
    6. Judge the Girl
    7. Parted Forever





Bruce Soord - Guitars, Vocals
Nick Lang - Keyboards, Drums and Programming
Mark Harris - Bass







Abducting The Unicorn
Variations on a Dream
12 Stories Down (2CD)
10 Stories Down (1CD and 2CD)
4 Stories Down (EP)
Little Man
What We Have Sown

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Lands End - The Lower Depths (Bruce guesting on some tracks)
Sampler 2
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Sampler 5
Sampler 6






Something a little different for the label.

Vulgar Unicorn’s guitarist Bruce Soord’s other group produces its first CD. Although it is very much in the Vulgar Unicorn/ Porcupine Tree vein it is a little more guitar orientated, the result is a far less esoteric sound than Vulgar Unicorn and in many ways more progressive.

Some great guitar riffing and lead work, especially on the 25 minute epic “Parted Forever” with its inexorable build up to a great final part, exemplifies this fine work.

Over an hour of inventive prog, mixing 70’s and 90’s styles this album is for anyone who likes Vulgar Unicorn, Porcupine Tree and Radiohead.

For those waiting for the next Vulgar Unicorn album - this is a must.