1. dead in the water
  2. god bless the child
  3. wilting violet
  4. wait
  5. run a mile
  6. little man
  7. november
  8. boxing day
  9. god bless the children
  10. snowdrops
  11. we love you






Bruce Soord - guitars, vocals
Wayne Higgins - guitars
Jon Sykes - bass
Steve Kitch- keyboards
Keith Harrison - drums

with guest:







Abducting The Unicorn
Variations on a Dream
12 Stories Down (2CD)
10 Stories Down (1CD and 2CD)
4 Stories Down (EP)
Little Man
What We Have Sown

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Vulgar Unicorn - What About A Robot With A Human Brain?
Vulgar Unicorn: Persona Non Grata - The Fine Art Of Living
Lands End - The Lower Depths (Bruce guesting on some tracks)
Sampler 2
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The eagerly anticipated 5th album from The Pineapple Thief is at last with us and the quality of the album more than justifies the wait. This is a stunning set of songs that exemplifies the melodious quality of the arrangements and performance of the main songwriter Bruce Soord.

Although the album is a little heavier in places than the last album, “10 Stories Down”, it is still instantly recognisable for its trademark sonic canvases of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals, once again supplemented by some great violin.

From the fuzz guitar intro of “dead in the water” to the beautiful and melodic “little man” and “November” through to the epic “we love you” this is The Pineapple Thief at their best.

Another album that will add to the reputation that this band has built over their last four albums and sure to increase their ever growing legion of fans.