Single CD Version  CYCL 144

  1. Prey For Me 6:39
  2. Clapham 4:28
  3. Wretched Soul 4:59
  4. The World I Always Dreamed Of 7:10
  5. Start Your Descent 3:54
  6. My Own Oblivion 3:39
  7. It's Just You And Me 4:56
  8. The Answers 5:22
  9. From Where You're Standing 4:03
  10. Light Up Your Eyes 15:34

CD2: 8 Days Later   (additional CD, now DELETED, for the 2CD version CYCL 144D)

  1. Sunday - Crash
  2. Monday - Sleep
  3. Tuesday - Haboob
  4. Wednesday - Snail Song
  5. Thursday - 54
  6. Friday - 5 minutes
  7. Saturday - Reverse
  8. Sunday - King St.
                    CD2 total time 58:28





Bruce Soord - guitars, vocals
Wayne Higgins - guitars
Jon Sykes - bass
Matt O’Leary - keyboards
Keith Harrison - drums

with guests:







Abducting The Unicorn
Variations on a Dream
12 Stories Down (2CD)
10 Stories Down (1CD and 2CD)
4 Stories Down (EP)
Little Man
What We Have Sown

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Vulgar Unicorn - Under The Umbrella
Vulgar Unicorn - Sleep With The Fishes
Vulgar Unicorn - Jet Set Radio
Vulgar Unicorn - What About A Robot With A Human Brain?
Vulgar Unicorn: Persona Non Grata - The Fine Art Of Living
Lands End - The Lower Depths (Bruce guesting on some tracks)
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 4
Sampler 5
Sampler 6






The long anticipated new Pineapple Thief album 10 Stories Down is now due. This stunning set of new songs that is easily the best produced by the band to date. Lush arrangements sit alongside the traditional sonic canvas of guitars, bass, drum, vocals and keyboards (Mellotrons, Hammond, Prophet 5 and Fender Rhodes). Pieces here consist mostly of song based material of a melancholy nature with more than a little alternative influence. Bruce Soords tell tale guitar work has never been so cutting with some soaring soloing amongst the memorable songs, especially on the 15 minute ending epic.

The 2CD version contains the extra album 8 Days Later. On completing the Stories Down recording the group had eight days studio time left and used each day to compose and record a track from scratch. The result proves to be a worthy achievement for the band.

“The closest comparison would be Porcupine Tree, there's a spacious sound and sensuous melodic melancholy like Wilson and Co, though less on the heavy side.” - Jon Davis - Progression.