From This Tall Tower I From This Tall Tower II
It Begins Jaded Love I
World of Nero Age
Netting Jaded Love II
Don’t Talk Isis
All is All Haze
Where or Why It Ends
  The Fire





Arman Christoff Boyles – words and music, vocals, guitars, keyboards
Scott Rader – drums, bass, vocals

Mariana Beronski - vocal fx (It Begins)
Michaela Martini-Tod - vocal fx (It Ends)







The Fire
Sampler 6






Those who bought their last album, Aire, will need no introduction to this stunning band. Product produce a sophisticated progressive with haunting melodies created by beautifully crafted songs and lyrics, along with instrumental sections which evolve into classic themes. From quiet moods Floydian guitar attacks appear and grow into darker pieces before lightness again conquers with swirling keyboards and guitars, all this laid on top of some of the most intelligent use of percussives to be found.

Once again Product have produced a concept work, this time based on the life of Nero, and the group comparisons to Pink Floyd/Salem Hill will give you an idea of their class.

One to savour again and again.