City of Gold Everyday Business
Age of Reason Autumn
Mighty Maze Beyond All Reason
Here Comes Tomorrow Angels
Still Here Black Is The Day
Value of Gold Fall
Wonderful Dreamers The Calling
Other Worlds Last Word





Arman Christoff Boyles – words and music, vocals, guitars, keyboards
Scott Rader – drums, bass

Bob Yang – Violin (5, 14,17)
Chana Rothman – vocals (6, 15, 16)
Melody Carpenter – vocals (7)
Barry Smith – harmonica, resonator guitar (11, 16)
Eric gaskell – strings (1)







The Fire
Sampler 6






Over the years CYCLOPS have discovered some great bands (Mostly Autumn, Echolyn, Salem Hill, Pineapple Thief etc) and now we have found a super new act to add to the list PRODUCT.

Product produce a sophisticated progressive music of beautifully crafted songs with great vocals along with excellent instrumental sections that turn into classic themes. Floydian guitar attacks explode from quite atmospheric moods only to evolve into darker moods before lightness again re-emerges with swirling keyboards and guitar. The epic runs as one piece as each track merges with the next.

Comparisons to Floyd/Salem Hill and Discipline will give you an idea of its class, but Product have a distinctive sound that is all their own.

CYCLOPS is proud to present you “Aire”, a classic album which will be one of the best of 2003.