1. Blacken Gold
2. Baskerville
3. Blink of an Eye
4. Swamp Life
5. The Anachronist
6. Heart of Darkness
7. Goodwin Sands
8. Cadaver









Andy Challinor - Guitars
Paul Blewitt - Keyboards
Darryl Finch - Drums & Percussion
Rob Tyson - Bass

With Guests:
Peter Straker - Vocals (on 3, 4, 5 and 7)
Phil Smith - Saxaphone (on 8)








What Colours The Sky In Your World?

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Sampler 6








At last the new, long awaited, second album by British quartet Nautilus is completed.

Their distinctive sound of weaving lead guitar and subtle keyboard textures is again to the fore in instrumentals bursting with ability, invention and originality. Augmenting and complimenting the band on four of the tracks is 70’s seminal vocalist Peter Straker whose influence gives the pieces a different slant to those on their first album.

The final track Cadaver is a 10 minute tour de force of soaring lead guitar with great bass and drum work in a piece that changes in mood and pace to great effect.