1. Doors To The Dark Room
          part 1: reception
          part 2: waiting room
          part 3: the dark room

    2. Precious Things

    3. Cabin Fever
          part 1: solitary confinement
          part 2: undergrowth
          part 3: out of the woods

    4. Ghosts In The Wind

    5. Bastogne
          part 1: hold the line
          part 2: foxhole

    6. Halloween Factory
          part 1: production line
          part 2: after dark

    7. Release







Andy Chalinor - Guitars
Paul Blewitt - Keyboards
Darryl Finch - Drums
Rob Tyson - Bass










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This British instrumental quartet is bursting with ability, invention and originality. Their distinctive sound is created by weaving lead guitar work and subtle keyboard textures with inventive bass/drum work in pieces that change in mood and pace throughout each track. Reviewers have made comparisons with Pink Floyd /mid period King Crimson although this is merely a reference point as Nautilus, although influenced by these bands, are very much their own style.

This is one we recommend to all who enjoy atmospheric instrumental prog with just a hint of a darker edge.