1. Winter Mountain
2. This Great Blue Pearl
3. Pieces Of Love
4. Please
5. Evergreen
6. Styhead Tarn
7. Shindig
8. Blakey Ridge / When The Waters Meet
9. Underneath The Ice
10. Through The Windows
11. The Spirit Of Autumn Past (part 1)
12. The Spirit Of Autumn Past (part 2)
13. The Gap Is Too Wide




Bryan Josh - Electric Guitar, Vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic, e-bow
Heather Findlay - Vocals, 12 string acoustic, bodhran, tamborine
Iain Jennings - Keyboards, Vocals, Hammond
Liam Davison - Electric and Slide Guitar, Vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic
Bob Faulds - Violins
Stuart Carver - Bass Guitar
Angela Goldthorpe - Flutes and Whistles
Rob McNeil - Drums





For All We Shared
The Spirit Of Autumn Past
The Last Bright Light
Prints In The Stone
Sampler 4
Sampler 5
Sampler 6





At last the most eagerly awaited release on the label for quite some time “Spirit Of Autumn Past” is ready – and in my view it is even better than the big selling “For All We Shared…”. Great songs, brilliant musicianship with class guitar, keyboards and violin make this group one of the best Celtic Rock outfits around. “Spirit …” has Heather Findlay taking more of the lead vocals this time but still the great harmonies between her and Brian Josh abound. Folky one minute with violin and tin whistles and rocky the next with great guitar work. A much more sophisticated album than its predecessor with Brian Josh demonstrating there is far more to his repertoire than the blistering Floydian solos of their first album. Those moments are still there on this album but the quality of the songwriting is often allowed to shine through semi-acoustic accompaniment, nowhere is this better done than on the track “Evergreen” a song which is something of a hybrid cross of “Stairway to Heaven” and “Martha’s Harbour”

The last epic track “The Gap Is Too Wide” gently introduces the beautiful melody until a choir breaks stunningly through. A soaring long guitar solo by Brian Josh follows and when you think things cannot get better – an absolute stonker of a Uilleann pipe solo by Iona guest Troy Donockley finishes things off perfectly.

70 minutes of magic.