1. Nowhere to Hide (close my eyes) 6:10
2. Porcupine Rain 4:38
3. The last Climb 7:58
4. Heroes Never Die 9:31
5. Folklore 5:47
6. Boundless Ocean 5:40
7. Shenanigans 3:48
8. Steal Away 4:54
9. Out of the Inn 6:41
10. The Night Sky 10:25




Bryan Josh - Electric Guitar, Vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic, e-bow
Heather Findlay - Vocals, 6 string acoustic, tamborine
Iain Jennings - Keyboards, Vocals
Liam Davison - Additional Electric Guitar, Vocals, 6 string + 12 string acoustic
Bob Faulds - Violins
Stuart Carver - Bass Guitar
Kev Gibbons - Low Whistle, High Whistle
Allan Scott - Drums
Additional musicians
Angela Goldthorpe - Flute
Chè - Djembe





For All We Shared
The Spirit Of Autumn Past
The Last Bright Light
Prints In The Stone
Sampler 4
Sampler 5
Sampler 6





Although “For All We Shared...” is Mostly Autumn’s first CD it is an album of such quality that it is destined to become one of the all time great debut albums. An album of power, emotion, harmonies, atmospheres, melodies and musicianship. This is music which has the instrumental interplay and structures for the progressive audience and the melodic appeal for the mainstream listener. It can be best described as Pink Floyd meets Celtic Rock. Some of the tracks lean heavily on Floyd influences from the “Darkside” and “Wish You Were Here” era but the instrumentation and lyricism ensures that this is not a recycling of old ideas. A quick look at the instruments played (violin, flute, whistles) clearly indicates the Celtic influence.

Mostly Autumn forge their own unique style by combining leads by violin and guitar together with the vocals of Heather Findlay and Bryan Josh.