1. natural reflection
  2. (d) rain age
  3. breathing deep
  4. a castle, mother, nanny & a warm soft bed
  5. shepherds of the deep
  6. the revolution like saturn devours its children
  7. muchas gracias
  8. love through the winter & blood in the spring
  9. ashes
  10. the last word





Mark Lavallee - drums and percussion
Jeff Mcfarland - vocals, guitar, bass
Francisco Neto - guitars
Fred Hunter - keyboards, bass pedals, bass








Terra Serranum
An Older Land
Natural selection
The Lower Depths (2CD)
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 5
Sampler 6

Related Titles:
Transience - Sliding
Transience - Primordial









Lands End have already had three very successful CD releases on the Cyclops label. Their music is a combination of extended themed compositions with biting lyrics and flowing instrumental passages or shorter poignant songs with some of the best guitar solos to be heard in this genre.

Not noted for prolific live performances this is the closest that most of us will get to a Lands End concert. This CD contains tracks taken from the live recordings of their 96 and 97 Mexicali prog festival concerts and two previously unreleased studio tracks that would not fit onto their last release Natural Selection.

From the emotion laden vocals of Jeff Mcfarland to the soaring guitar solos of Francisco Neto, this is progressive music delivered with lots of improvisation, transforming their studio tracks into living musical entities.

The tracks selected for this CD span the bands output to date, from the early classic “Ashes” to their latest masterpiece “Love Through the Winter...”.