1. Ashes
  2. Wind Across The Water
  3. Wake To Find Me Dead
  4. Jazz Magic Potion
  5. K
  6. Dross
  7. Love Forever
  8. The Last Word





Mark Lavallee - drums and percussion
Jeff Mcfarland - vocals, guitar, bass
Francisco Neto - guitars
Fred Hunter - keyboards, bass pedals, bass








Terra Serranum
An Older Land
Natural selection
The Lower Depths (2CD)
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 5
Sampler 6

Related Titles:
Transience - Sliding
Transience - Primordial









Lands End have produced two of the most interesting and refreshing progressive albums to come out of the US in recent years. Although their music is heavily influenced by such bands as Yes, IQ, Tangerine Dream and the Grateful Dead they have created a style uniquely their own based on the frame work of Lavallee's percussion and Hunter's keyboards, to this is added the lyrics of MacFarland and Neto's guitars.

This, the second Lands End release on the CYCLOPS label, is a retrospective of their previously unreleased work leading up to their first CD, Pacific Coast Highway, plus two new tracks and a classic 25 minute improvisation that demonstrates the strengths of the band. Rather than just transferring old recordings for the new D the band went into the studios and recorded the tracks again "live" to provide the spontaneity that is missing from so much of todays music.

The album includes the classic Wake To Find Me Dead, the poignant K and the seminal The Last Word, afavourite that has grown with the band since its first recording in 1992.