1. Life as We Know It
  2. The Revolution, Like Saturn, Devours Its Children
  3. For Reasons Unknown
  4. The Philosophy of Containers
  5. Terra Serranum
  6. A Castle, Mother, Nanny and a Warm Soft Bed
  7. Neptune's Last Tear
  8. Daura
  9. ..The End of Life as We Know It





Mark Lavallee - drums and percussion
Jeff Mcfarland - vocals, guitar, bass
Francisco Neto - guitars
Fred Hunter - keyboards, bass pedals, bass








Terra Serranum
An Older Land
Natural selection
The Lower Depths (2CD)
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 5
Sampler 6

Related Titles:
Transience - Sliding
Transience - Primordial









Lands End follow up their stunning Pacific Coast Highway album of 1994 with Terra Serranum. Brimming with musical ideas and mixing beautiful calm melodies with more uptempo progressive rock allows the talents of Fred Hunter on keyboards and Francisco Neto on guitars to shine. Much of the songwriting is shard by drummer Mark Lavallee whose precision playing gives the album a different perspective than others of the genre.

The album has a playing time of over 70 minutes.