CD 1:...the lower depths
         1. An accident ... 1:21
         2. Digital signatures 14:22
         3. Behind the iron gates 7:46
         4. Why should I? 5:11
         5. Hope springs eternal 8:31
         6. A new world order 24:29
         7. Believe in what 3:27

    CD2:...plundering the depths
         1. Eyes of Venus 6:28
         2. Indoctrinated 5:34
         3. The philosophy of containers II 0:26
         4. This addiction 5:08
         5. Acquiesce to the martinets precept 53:11





Mark Lavallee - drums and percussion
Jeff Mcfarland - vocals, guitar, bass
Francisco Neto - guitars
Fred Hunter - keyboards, bass pedals, bass

Bruce Soord, Steve Anderson, Cathy Alexander








Terra Serranum
An Older Land
Natural selection
The Lower Depths (2CD)
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 5
Sampler 6

Related Titles:
Transience - Sliding
Transience - Primordial









Lands End present their 6th album for Cyclops, this time a 2CD set of new studio work with a couple of reworked tracks that have not appeared on any previous Lands End releases.

Disc one adds something new to the Lands End chemistry as three of the seven tracks include guest musicians, these being: Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief who supplies some lead guitar and vocals, Steve Anderson of Sphere3/GLD on guitar and Cathy Alexander of The Morrigan vocals on two tracks. Although the music is still in the usual Lands End style the guest musicians have added their own musical personalities to their tracks which has helped to create an album with more musical variation than the band could produce on their own. This disc is dominated by two long tracks of 14 and 24 minutes that provide the scope for the usual Lands End instrumental workouts these being interspersed with the familiar McFarland penned shorter tracks.

Disc two is made up of 4 tracks by the original nucleus of Fred Hunter, Mark Lavellee, Jeff McFarland and Francisco Neto plus one track with guest guitarist Steve Anderson originally intended for the first disc but space did not allow it, however there was just enough room to squeeze it onto this second CD. The main piece on this disc is the superb 53 minute epic “Acquiesce to the Martinets Precept”. As you would expect in a piece of this length it has many moods and melodies that are all underpinned by sweeping keyboards, original drumming and the trademark Neto guitar work to produce some great symphonic prog.

One for any fan of symphonic prog and a must for any Lands End fan.