1. The Whitstable Host
2. Skulls In The Stars
3. The Eye Of Silence
4. Green Dog Trumpet
5. The White Rose
6. The Atom Age Sense Of Impermanence
7. Island Universes
8. There Is No Finished World








Richard Wileman - classical, electric and bass guitars, keyboards, percussion.

Ileesha Bailey - voice
Helen Dearnley - violin
Carol Hansford - oboe, cor anglais
Amy Hedges - clarinet
Zoë Josey - flute, saxophones
Jemima Palfreyman - tuba
Bridget Wishart - EWI wind synthesiser






Voivode Dracula
Alternate History
The Age of Science and Enlightenment
The Last of the Libertine
Weird Tales
Sampler 5
Sampler 6

Related Titles
Lives And Times - There And Back Again Lane





The eight Karda Estra album continues their unique exploration of progressive and classical stylings using both modern and orchestral instruments.

Although the tracks are based around their trademark classical instrumentation and ethereal female voice, the music is a little moodier and darker than their previous work.

Richard Wileman's subtle acoustic and electric guitar mixes with the bass/keyboards and classical instrumentation to create haunting and melancholic melodies which adds the emphasis to the strong compositions and great arrangements.

A must for all fans of the band and those into adventurous and classically inspired prog.