Awake and Dreaming

    1. Little Red Rooftops
    2. Dark Clouds Gathering
    3. The Carpeted Corridors
    4. Rooftops Re-visited
    5. Doubt
    6. The Dance of Denial
    7. Nocturne
    8. Word of Mouth and Heart
    9. Escalation
    10. No One Came
    11. The Turning of the Tide
    12. Awake and Dreaming
Fountains of Ash

    1. Overture
    2. Adoration
    3. La Lune de Miel
    4. The Worm Turns
    5. Quickening Pulse
    6. Broken
    7. Close to Angels







Escalation (2:56)
Adoration (2:50)
Quickening Pulse (2:11)












Mike Morton - vocals, 6/12 string acoustic guitar, piano and string arrangements
Leroy James - lead and rhythm guitar, samples, effects and programming
Jim Thomas - digital and analog synths, organ and mellotron
Rod Haverhill - bass guitar and backing vocals
David Storey - drums and percussion

Dreamtime story voice - Joseph Morton






Sampler 6






CYCLOPS has sought out and promoted some great bands, such as Mostly Autumn, Pineapple Thief, Saens and Tr3nity, providing them with the opportunity to record and release some classic albums. When we first heard the demo of Awake and Dreaming by London band The Gift we were not just impressed but enthralled as much as we have ever been by a debut album.
It was like the first time of hearing Roine Stolte – The Flower King, Transatlantic – SMPTe or Spock’s Beard – The Light, we knew that this was something special.

A stunning opus created by first class musicians, with great keyboards and incredible melodic guitar work. The album is made up of two epic tracks of 45 minutes and 20 minutes that have memorable tunes, great lyrics delivered by a dynamic vocalist and instrumental interludes with some of the best prog outs for years. They are undoubtedly influenced by Genesis, Yes, Neil Morse/Spock’s Beard, but have their own musical integrity. With this album The Gift have produced one of the finest prog releases of this year.

Don’t be left behind and wait to be told about this – be in at the beginning.