1. Legacy
  2. House of Cards
  3. Garden of Dreams
  4. Asscesent
  5. Impulse
  6. Bridge to the Promised Land
  7. Mind Sculpture








André Cents - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Marcel Derix - Bass
Koen Roozen - Drums and Backing Vocals
Siebe Rein Schaaf - Lead Vocals and Keyboards
Edo Spanninga - Keyboards







Unspoken Whisper
Bridge To The Promised Land
One For The Crow
Tales Of Imperfection
Live in Budapest
Looking For John Maddock

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For the thousands of Flamborough Head fans the waiting is over, and it was worth the wait, - the band has served up one hell of an album.

Legacy opens up the album with dual keyboards producing a lush symphonic soundscape over which Siebe Rein Schaaf’s emotive vocal introduces the main theme. A fine guitar solo propels the song as it weaves in and out of some terrific instrumental passages with light and shade textures of the band in full flow.

House of Cards runs into Garden of Dreams and this is 20 minutes of top class progressive. Two keyboards layering solid symphonic backing and solos with the addition of Hammond and Church Organ to the vast array of keyboard sounds. Andre Cents’ piercing guitar attacks with cutting solos that push the songs into new areas for the band.

Impulse is a heavier song with blazing guitar, full of riffs and lead work, together with bright keyboard runs from Edo Spanninga and Siebe Rein Schaaf. Inventive bass and drum work from Marcel Derix and Koen Roozen make this a great ten minute prog piece.

Bridge to the Promised Land is something a bit special and different. An orchestral introduction evolving into a splendid song which is then brought to fruition with a stirring guitar solo and the band and orchestra playing together.

Mind Sculpture finishes the album in fine style - a melting pot of many progressive ideas fused together into a melodic framework of quality music.

Defining The Legacy is 68 minutes of pure symphonic progressive genius and a must for fans of the group and this music in general. Flamborough Head put more ideas into one song than many put into an album. Top Notch.