1. Schoolyard Fantasy 8.07
  2. Wolves at War 4.55
  3. Childscream 7.17
  4. Unspoken Whisper 10.23
  5. Legend of the Old Man's Tree 4.28
  6. Xymphonia 10.06
  7. Heroes 7.53







André Cents - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Marcel Derix - Bass
Koen Roozen - Drums and Backing Vocals
Siebe Rein Schaaf - Lead Vocals and Keyboards
Edo Spanninga - Keyboards







Defining The Legacy
Bridge To The Promised Land
One For The Crow
Tales Of Imperfection
Live in Budapest
Looking For John Maddock

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Flamborough Head's first offering sees them emerging with one of recent progressive music's finest debut albums.

Formed in 1995, the band have built a loyal following with their previous cassette only releases. The music offers classic progressive rock with light and shade, each track beautifully and thoughtfully composed. Sweeping synths and piano from the two keyboardists give ample room for emotive crystal clear guitar breaks in the Steve Hackett/Gary Chandler style. From the moment you first hear the symphonic keyboard intro before the majestic lead guitar themes in Wolves At War or Xymphonia you know that this is an album that stands out head and shoulders above the usual progressive offerings. Strong vocals punctuate and give depth to the instrumental sections on this future classic. This album has to be a must for those that like IQ / Jadis / Pendragon / Grey Lady Down / Steve Hackett.