1. The Garden Pond
      2. Sleepless Night
      3. Spring
      4. Waste of Time
      5. Don’t Forget Us
      6. Looking For John Maddock







Margriet Boomsma - Vocals, flutes
Marcel Derix - Bass
Eddie Mulder – Guitars, backing vocals
Koen Roozen – Drums & percussion
Edo Spanninga - Keyboards







Unspoken Whisper
Defining The Legacy
Bridge To The Promised Land
One For The Crow
Tales Of Imperfection
Live in Budapest
Looking For John Maddock

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At long last the new fifth studio album from one of Progressive Rocks top bands is available.

With the same line up as Tales of Imperfection, it contains far more instrumental passages giving guitarist Eddie Mulder the opportunity to show what a great guitarist he is with some stunning solos and contributions, especially on the 20 minute epic title track. Edo Spanninga again provides the symphonic keyboard washes while Margriet Boomsma's flute and recorder embellishment are excellent along with her fine vocals and lyrics.

The six tracks include the stunning 20 minute Looking For John Maddock the first epic track for the band, giving them plenty of opportunity for the introduction and development of themes that are full of twists and turns.

A must for all fans of the band and those that love classy melodic prog with just that little bit of bite.