1. Roussian Roulette
  2. For Starters
  3. Maureen
  4. Old Shoes
  5. Limestone Rock
  6. Captive of Fate
  7. Mantova
  8. Year After Year
  9. Silent Stranger
  10. Garden od Dreams





Margriet Boomsma - Vocals, flutes
Marcel Derix - Bass
Eddie Mulder – Guitars, backing vocals
Koen Roozen – Drums & percussion
Edo Spanninga - Keyboards






Unspoken Whisper
Defining The Legacy
Bridge To The Promised Land
One For The Crow
Tales of Imperfection
Live in Budapest
Looking For John Maddock

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In February 2007 Flamborough Head played at the Miniprog festival in Budapest, Hungary. On the night the band were in top form and treated the audience to fantastic live workouts of tracks from their last three studio albums. Fortunately the concert was recorded and the performance is now captured on this superb live CD.

Opening with Russian Roulette/For Starters which is incorporated into Maureen, the band start as they mean to go on giving new interpretations to each of their classics. Limestone Rock is given a new arrangement allowing guitarist Eddie Mulder, who is on top form throughout, to give a knockout extended solo. Edo Spanninga on keyboards gives his usual sound textures to fill the bands sound and also throws in some great solos. The rhythm section of Koen Roozen and Marcel Derix have been the solid backbone of the band for many years. Magriet Boomsma on vocals and flute gives the music that distinctive Flamborough Head sound. Garden of Delights gives her the opportunity to give her interpretation of this early classic.

Eighty minutes of great progressive music for all fans of melodic prog.