1. One For The Crow
  2. Old Shoes
  3. Separate
  4. Daydreams
  5. Nightlife
  6. Old Forest
  7. Limestone Rock
  8. New Shoes




Margriet Boomsma - Vocals, Flute, Recorders
Eddie Mulder - Guitars
Edo Spanninga - Keyboards
Marcel Derix - Bass
Koen Roozen - Drums





Unspoken Whisper
Defining The Legacy
Bridge To The Promised Land
Tales Of Imperfection
Live in Budapest
Looking For John Maddock

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A stunning third album from one of progressive rocks rising bands. This new studio album is bound to increase the numbers of their many loyal fans. New female vocalist Margriet Boomsma adds a different perspective and, along with her great flute, whistle and recorder playing, gives some of the tracks a Mostly Autumn feel.

The album has an instrumental opening with lush keyboards before the main song introduces itself. A bass solo introduces a break where excellent guitar and keyboard work abound before slowly evolving back into the main song.

The long epic tracks are introduced with short codas of tin whistle, guitar and keyboards before evolving into their songs which are full of twists and turns, lush keyboards and great guitars.

An instrumental preface introduces the classic track Limestone Rock, a great song which breaks via a recorder solo into a question and answer section between guitar and flute. The guitar then continues into a stunning long solo full of passion and worth the price of the album on its own.

A must for all fans of the band, those who like progressive rock and those who are getting into Mostly Autumn