1.   A Lust
    2.   An Errand
    3.   Stigmata of Change 1
    4.   A Start
    5.   Alice
    6.   A Misstep
    7.   A Shrine
    8.   A Revelation
    9.   An End
    10. A Doubt
    11. Stigmata of Change 2
    12. Smoke















Sampler 6









Now signed to Cyclops, French group Drama’s new album is a classy sophisticated affair, a concept album portraying a story of unrequited love. With a great new singer and all songs in English, this their third album, has a big symphonic feel mixed with lovely intelligent songs and some long instrumental passages. The keyboard work has some fine textures and sounds reminding one at times of mid Genesis feel Tony Banks work. Mix this with a slightly later Floyd feel generated by fine guitar work and a touch of Pineapple Thief and you have an idea of the sound of this great new opus..

This is an album for those interested in 70s styled instrumental work in the Floyd/Genesis/Yes vein and all those that love the sounds of the Mellotron. Flamborough Head and Odyssice fans will of course be awaiting this with baited breath.