1. Crying of the Whales part 1
2. Journeys End
3. Whale Massacre
4. Part of Evolution
5. Nature’s Voice
6. Point of No Return
7. All These Walls
8. Crying of the Whales part 2










Howard Hanks - guitar, spoken words, lyrics
Udo Grasekamp - keyboards, synthesizer, programming
Dennis Grasekamp - lead guitar, bass guitar, drums
André Blaeute - vocals, acoustic guitar, e-bow

special thanks to:

André Grasekamp - bass guitar "Crying Of The Whales 1+2"
Bernd Eenhuis - add. guitar "Crying Of The Whales 1+2”







Blue Room
Sampler 6






Once again CYCLOPS have discovered a fantastic new progressive group. Abarax are a four piece band playing a brand of symphonic progressive rock music with its roots firmly in Pink Floyd territory.

Crying Of The Whales is a rock music epic describing the imaginative truth about the whales and the reasons for their existence.

The concept album of just over an hour of music is made up of eight tracks ranging from just over 3 minutes to 12 and a half minutes with even the shortest giving scope for thematic development. The real highlights of this album though are Dennis's soaring guitar solos. His guitar style owing much to Dave Gilmour, Nick Barrett and Bryan Josh. Much like RPWL their style owes a lot to Pink Floyd yet they have taken it on to create their own sound. The album is not just guitar work, there are keyboards aplenty, again with fine soloing, acoustic guitar and great vocals. Although there is the obvious message about the plight of the whales it is not detrimental to the music as it is the source of the soulful ambiance that pervades this album.

An album of power and grace that will appeal to those who like their symphonic progressive music with plenty of great guitar workouts.