Most of the albums released on the Cyclops label are the result of months of gigging, refining the songs on stage and then many studio hours of rehearsal, editing and mixing by the bands concerned. The results are great albums.
Despite this it is rare for a band to capture in the studio that mixture of adrenalin, atmosphere and occasion that is part and parcel of live performance. Cyclops Club releases came about to give you, the listener, that chance to shut your eyes, turn up the volume and be there at the live performances, sample the bands as they ply their trade and capture the excitement, the rush of live performance.
In addition to the live releases Cyclops Club has diversified a little. As the albums on the Cyclops label created demand for other releases from the bands the CLUB label provided the opportunity to release back catalogue albums from bands prior to their signing to the label.
All Club releases are limited individually numbered editions usually of just 500.

Here are details about the CLUB releases although they are all now deleted:

MASTERMIND - Live In Tokyo


Here is the recording of Mastermind at "On Air West" in Tokyo in 1997. This is powerful progressive music in no compromise delivery with tracks taken from all their studio albums. 70 minutes in length from a house console mix, and ballsy as hell.
  1. Child of Technology
  2. On the Wings of Mercury
  3. Tiger! Tiger!
  4. Tidings of Battle
  5. A Call to Arms
  6. The Ride of the Valkyrie
  7. Brainstorm
  8. Jubilee
  9. Too Much To Ask For

TRISTAN PARK - Leave To Enter


Recorded during the Place Inside tour in Autumn 1996. Showcasing songs from all albums including the now released "Looking Homeward" CD and featuring some stunning all round playing. Includes GLD ensemble on one track and Martin Wilson on vocals on "Comfortably Numb".
  1. Memorial Day (intro)/Once You've Been to Heaven
  2. The Space Between
  3. A Day Away
  4. Risking it All
  5. Ambition
  6. Forbidden Thoughts
  7. Someone Else's Dream
  8. The End of Forever
  9. Comfortably Numb
  10. In Your Possession
  11. An American Tragedy (end)

PARALLEL or 90 DEGREES - The Corner Of My Room


This release of the previously commercially unrelased first album was in response to the rave reviews from the new album "Afterlifecycle". As an extra we have managed to put on the 17 minute epic "A Gap In The Night" which includes some stunning organ work by ex VDGG man Hugh Banton.
  1. The Third Person
  2. Cloak & Dagger
  3. Level Crossing
  4. Samba In E (Re: Person I Know)
  5. The Media Pirates
  6. Soliloquy
  7. The Genuine Article
  8. Bedtime Routines (A Tale of two Cities)
  9. The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack (by The Nice)
  10. A Gap In The Night

HAZE - 20th Anniversary Show


A superb night was had on the 31st May 1998 when over 250 people attended the 20th Anniversary show which saw the classic trio line up performing for the first time in years. Old favourites given great workouts which thoroughly enthralled the audience. Superb guitar work, keyboards and drums makes this an essential buy even if you couldn't make the gig.
  1. The Vice
  2. Gabadon
  3. Survive
  4. Shadows
  5. In The Universe
  6. In The Light
  7. Dig Them Mushrooms
  8. The Hum
  9. Seven Stones...
  10. Mountain
  11. The Night

LANDS END - Drainage


Not noted for prolific live performances this is the closest that most of us will get to a Lands End concert. This CD contains tracks taken from their 96 and 97 Mexicali prog festival concerts and two previously unreleased tracks that would not fit onto their last release Natural Selection.
This is prog with lots of improvisation transforming their studio tracks into living musical entities.
  1. natural reflection
  2. (d) rain age
  3. breathing deep
  4. a castle, mother, nanny & a warm soft bed
  5. shepherds of the deep
  6. the revolution like saturn devours its children
  7. muchas gracias
  8. love through the winter & blood in the spring
  9. ashes
  10. the last word

HAZE - Cellar Replayed


Second part of the trilogy bringing the Haze back catalogue onto CD. Superbly remixed and remastered by the McMahon brothers from the original master tapes. All of the Cellar Replayed album plus their two most popular songs "Seven Stones" and "The Exiles Song" from the original Cellar Tapes album. Added to this is a superb unreleased live long take of "Seven Stones" and an outtake from the Cellar Replay Sessions.
  1. The Night
  2. I Fear That I'll...
  3. Survive
  4. Portrait
  5. A Firkin of Mead
  6. Take Me Home
  7. Aardvarks Anonymous
  8. Turn Around
  9. Unto The Dawn
  10. In The Light
  11. Dig Them Mushrooms
  12. Anonymous Aardvarks
  13. Seven Stones...
  14. The Exiles Song
  15. Seven Stones... (live)
  16. Aardvarks Reprise


- What About A Robot With A Human Brain


This is the infamous lost third album which the lads once discarded and then misplaced, until recently found again on master tapes. Since the group has finished Jet Set Radio they do not consider that this should have a full release and only after lots of discussion agreed to a limited edition. Full of invention and different moods and instantly recognisable as Vulgar Unicorn - this is one I suggest you get before it goes.
  1. Money Penny
  2. Baby Universe
  3. Scotland Yard Investigates
  4. You Were Spiralling
  5. North By Northwest
  6. Space Channel 5
  7. Cop Show
  8. Muteki Otaku
  9. Yellow 6

FLAMBOROUGH HEAD - Bridge To The Promised Land


This was the recording that brought Flamborough Head to the attention of Cyclops. Recorded in a proper studio and originally released on cassette only, this was going to be the first Flamborough Head album. With the interest of Cyclops the band decided to abandon this earlier version and record what finally came out as Unspoken Whisper. This release includes three previously unreleased tracks along with three very different versions of tracks from Unspoken Whisper and Defining The Legacy.
  1. Corrugated Road
  2. Childscream
  3. Running On Empty
  4. Suicide
  5. Unspoken Whisper
  6. Bridge To The Promised Land


In 1999 Salem Hill released one of the all time great concept albums in "The Robbery of Murder" CYCL 075. This brought the band to the attention of the progressive audience around the world. Before this release Salem Hill had released two cassette only albums and one CD album. Because of the interest generated by "The Robbery of Murder" Cyclops has negotiated the rerelease of these three earlier albums.


SALEM HILL - Salem Hill


The self titled album "Salem Hill" is the bands first release and has now been remastered to CD for its Cyclops release. This song orientated album has a sound that is somewhere between Kansas and Blue Oyster Cult with touches of guitar influence from Jan Akkerman. The instrumentation is more guitar based than their later albums, with some interesting dual guitar solos, but the album really highlights the strength of the band - the close harmonies of a band with three vocalists. This is a band where all the members can not only sing but their voices blend so well together. Reflecting some of their influences this is an album full of 4-5 minute songs on the progressive side of American mainstream rock.
  1. Golden Crosses
  2. The Dilemma
  3. Aceldama
  4. Between The Two
  5. There Must Be More Than This
  6. Fool's Gate
  7. Hands And Feet
  8. Just As Clear
  9. Evil One
  10. Never Alone
  11. Open Windows

SALEM HILL - Different Worlds


"Different Worlds" is the bands second album and has again been remastered to CD for its Cyclops release. The album reflects the development in the song writing skills of both Carl Groves and Patrick Henry - its is a rare thing for a band contain two songwriters whose works fits seamlessly together. On display here are a greater variety of styles than the first album with more up tempo numbers but still the same vocal harmonies that are the bands trademark. There is a greater use of keyboards, the riffs are a little heavier and the percussion is more of a driving force. On the longer tracks the instrumental sections are allowed to develop more with variations on themes that are harbingers of their later works "Robbery of Murder" and "Not Everybodys Gold".
  1. Here And Now
  2. Brave New World
  3. Same Planet, Different Worlds
  4. Question Of Honor
  5. Can't Let Go
  6. There's Always Canada
  7. Invisible
  8. Listen To Me

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