1. This Is Where It All Began
  2. It Didn't Used To Be This Way
  3. Powder, Groom, Hardpack
  4. I Saw The Messenger Of The New God There
  5. Secret Spot
  6. I'm Beginning To Think I Can Cure A Rainy Day
  7. Diabolical Scheme
  8. More Money Than I Know What To Do With
  9. Tierce De Picardie
  10. Scherzo In C Minor





Neil Randall - Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Bruce Soord - Guitars, Vocals

Damien Edwards - Lead vocals (4, 7)
Hugo Drax - Lead vocals (1, 2)
Nick Lang - Lead vocals (3, 9)
Bruce Campbell - Drums
Doug Liman - Double Bass
Archer McLean - Piano
Lisa S. - Saxes
Robert Davi - Trumpet






Under The Umbrella
Sleep With The Fishes
Jet Set Radio
What About A Robot With A Human Brain?
Persona Non Grata - The Fine Art Of Living

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At long last the eagerly awaited Vulgar Unicorn album sees the light of day. Again a truly progressive album with lots of different moods, themes and rhythms awash with guitarist Bruce Soord's distinctive lead guitar work. Neil Randall's keyboard and bas work give the album the usual distinctive Vulgar Unicorn feel with a montage of film dialogue again mixed into a few tracks. Guest musicians include drums, trumpet, violin, brass and other soloists on strings and other more exotic instruments such as koto, shanai and marimba.

This album shows that Vulgar Unicorn are still one of the only truly progressive bands in the UK today.