I) Food For Thought 18:17
    Lost For Ever
    Supersmoke It
    ... So You Say
    Binary Boss
    Enter the Hydrozone
    Neo-City Sleeper
    Dream of Me
    Jazz Night
    Curioser and Curioser ...
    A Mad, Unthinkable, Utterly Impossible Present
    Too Many Secrets
    Horses For Courses
    A Story That May Never Have Happened
    Sky Kid
    Magic Carpet For Hire!

Total time 71:43





Neil Randall - Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Bruce Soord - Guitars, Vocals

Tony Busby - Lead vocals (2, 7, 11)
Ginny Hatfield - B flat clarinet (10)
Matt Barge - Trumpet (8, 11)
David Hutchfield - Drums, cymbals (2, 8, 10)
John Parish- Drums, tambourine (3)
Arthur Hollinrake- Drums (4)
Keith Hunt - B flat clarinet (8)
Lizzie Barker - Oboes (13)
Greg Willis - Alto & tenor saxophone (9)
Rachel Raisin - Flute (7)
Don Brett - Drums (11)






Under The Umbrella
Sleep With The Fishes
Jet Set Radio
What About A Robot With A Human Brain?
Persona Non Grata - The Fine Art Of Living

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After a year long wait we are proud to present the fantastic follow up to one of the Rock albums of 1995 Under The Umbrella (also available on CYCLOPS CYCL 018).

It comprises of one 70 min majestic opus split into four suites and further sections, and is a brilliant blending of many musical ideas.

Young band members Neil Randall (Bass and Keyboards) and Bruce Soord (Guitars) with the aid of many guest musicians have moulded their individual style with ambient/dance and indi music together with a heavier rock approach. We expect this release to cross many musical genres.

The many fans of Under The Umbrella will need no further prompting to get this stunning follow up, which will surely be in the top Rock album of the year lists.

Completing this package is a great artwork concept designed by the band members.