1. Under the Umbrella:
    2. Thief of Clubs





Neil Randall - Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Bruce Soord - Guitars, Vocals
David Hutchfield - Drums, Cymbals

Tony Busby - Lead and backing vocals
Matt Barge - Trumpet
Greg Willis - Alto & tenor saxophone
Richard Hunt - Violin






Under The Umbrella
Sleep With The Fishes
Jet Set Radio
What About A Robot With A Human Brain?
Persona Non Grata - The Fine Art Of Living

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The debut album from this British three-piece band is based around a superbly inventive 46-minute title track. Mixing heavy riffs with quieter acoustic moments with its musical influences ranging from Magellan, Genesis, King Crimson, Yes and Anthony Phillips. Augmenting Bruce Soord (brilliant guitar work,) Neil Randall (bass, keyboards,) and Dave Hutchfield (percussion) are guest musicians on trumpet, sax and violin.

This 60-minute two track album is for those who like inventive rock with different moods and complexions.