1. At Squaw Park
  2. Sliding
  3. Desert Falls
  4. LA Post
  5. Captiva Island
  6. Utah Revisited
  7. The Seven Pools
  8. Stanley Park





Fred Hunter - keyboards, bass, drums and effects
Jeff McFarland - vocals, guitar
Francisco Neto - acoustic guitar
Steve Ades - saxophone
Mark Lavelalle - some drums








Sampler 4

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Lands End present their 6th album for Cyclops, this time a 2CD set of new studio work with a couple of reworked tracks that have not appeared on any previous Lands End releases.

This started out as Lands End keyboard player Fred Hunter's solo project but ended up as a sort of unofficial follow up to Natural Selection as the other three band members all play significant parts on this recording.

Guitarist Francisco Neto supplies some of his most sensitive work yet integrating his classical training with his rock flair, while Jeff McFarland's superb vocal delivery is the perfect vehicle for the lyrics. Fred shares drum duties with Mark Lavallee as well as playing bass and producing his great keyboard sounds.

Long expansive tracks give the band time for some great instrumental workouts. A must for Lands End fans.