1. Heaven & Earth
    2. Mind
    3. Riding The Iron Rooster
    4. A Stones Throw From Nowhere
    5. Hollow Gardens
    6. How Lucky They Are
    7. Blurring The Margins
    8. For Will Alone
    9. Blurred Beyond Recognition
MP3 Section:
    Two Stations Down (5:36)
    See It Now (5:38)
    Aqaudream (30:23)
    Hang It Upside Down (5:30)
    LA Post - Live (3:52)
    A Stone Throw From Nowhere (18:54)





Fred Hunter - keyboards, bass, guitar and programming
Jeff McFarland - vocals, guitars
Francisco Neto - guitars
Steve Ades - saxophone
Mark Lavelalle - percussives








Sampler 4

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Transience is Lands End keyboard player Fred Hunter’s side project. On this new album, Primordial, the Lands End influence is even more pronounced as many of the tracks were recorded at the studio sessions for their new album, which is due later this year. All the other Lands End members play significant parts on this recording with Jeff McFarland contributing three compositions and co-writing two others.

Guitarist Francisco Neto supplies some of his most melodic work to date, while Jeff McFarland’s vocal delivery is the perfect vehicle for his lyrics. Mark Lavallee’s easily recognised drum work compliments Fred’s great keyboard textures and bass work.

Long expansive tracks with lots of instrumental work give the guys time to work their own special brand of Symphonic progressive.

Not only is there over an hours worth of Transience music here there is also over 70 minutes of MP3 material of live, alternate versions and tracks initially intended for this album but replaced at a later stage in the production process.

A must for all Lands End fans.