1. Memorial Day
  2. American Tradgedy 1
  3. Four Freedoms
  4. Ambition
  5. Mistress
  6. Cruelest Month
  7. American Tragedy 2
  8. Looking Homeward





Rick Black - keyboards
Ray Bowles - vocals
Brian Combes - bass
Mike McAdam - guitar
Jim Turnel - drums






A Place Inside
Looking Homeward
Leave To Enter
Sampler 2








Tristan Park return to the limelight with their new magnum opus, “Looking Homeward”, nearly three years in the making.

The epic “American Tragedy” lasts more than half of the albums hour long duration and is easily the best thing that they have written. Split into two parts this Progressive epic is full of time changes, different moods, great keyboards and guitar breaks with a theme that is beautifully interwoven throughout.

Tristan Park also produce some of their well crafted shorter songs which are full of invention with as many ideas in one that some bands would use for three.

Ray Bowles has taken over as lead vocalist and must have one of the strongest voices in this genre of music.

A major leap ahead for Tristan Park and one that will do better than the big selling “A Place Inside”. Buy it for “American Tragedy” alone.