1. A Good Example Of Arbitrary Presumption
    2. Shrimp.sng
    3. Sidewalking
    4. Natural Light
    5. First Kiss
    6. Eat First, Ask Questions Later
    7. An Unusual January
    8. December Gaze
    9. Tapestries
    10. Paralysis





Steve Anderson - Guitars
William Burnett - Bass
Neil Durant - Keyboards
Jamie Fisher - Drums











Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 4
Sampler 5









Sphere's long awaited album is finally here.

An innovative blend of rock and fusion has created an instrumental album showcasing the considerable talents of this British quartet. Comeuppance's ten tracks encompass a huge variety of styles from rock and metal through jazz and fusion. This album clearly demonstrates just why Sphere3 have earned such high regard for the intricacy and textural sophistication of their compositions, as well as the electrifying precision of their performances.

Sphere have played extensively around the UK and gained a strong reputation for their powerful and dynamic live performances often playing with legendary progressive rock acts such as Focus, Flower Kings, IQ and Magnum.