1. Jag, Änglamarks Bane
  2. Positivhalaren
  3. Kakafonia
  4. Valkyria
  5. Ulv i fårakläder





Rickard Biström - Bass, vocals
Linda Johansson - Flute, vocals
Fredrick Karlsson - Keyboards
Lena Pettersson - Cello
Robert Sjöback - Guitar
Mats Svensson - Drums






Aurum Nostrum
Live at Progfest '97
Sampler 3
Sampler 4






After astounding the Prog world with the masterpiece that was their first album Aurum Nostrum (CYCL 048) Sinkadus have surpassed themselves with Cirkus, their new studio album. The band attracted great interest when they played at the Progfest 97 festival in L.A., USA and are featured on the recently released 2CD of the event.

Cirkus has five stunning new tracks oozing emotion, with layers of beautiful mellotron work. Soaring guitar and flute counterpoint the beautiful melodies throughout the two instrumental tracks and the three with sparse vocals, featuring both female and male vocalists. This is the best of the 70's instrumental genre (Yes, Genesis etc.) with up to date top notch production techniques. A full colour 16 page booklet with great artwork complements this excellent package.

Their first album Aurum Nostrum garnered rave reviews and was in nearly every best of list for the year and is now CYCLOPS biggest selling release. With the world wide interest generated by their debut album this amazing follow up release is bound to see the status of Sinkadus as one of the great bands of modern progressive music rise even higher.