1. Intro
  2. Snålblåst
  3. Manuel
  4. Jag, Änglamarks Bane
  5. Salarna
  6. Ättestupan





Rickard Biström - Bass, vocals
Linda Johansson - Flute, vocals
Fredrick Karlsson - Keyboards
Lena Pettersson - Cello
Robert Sjöback - Guitar
Mats Svensson - Drums






Aurum Nostrum
Live at Progfest '97
Sampler 3
Sampler 4






Earlier this year Sinkadus released one of the finest debut albums of any progressive band. The quality of the album Aurum Nostrum was such that only weeks after its release the band were invited to play at the 1997 Progfest in Los Angeles. The live set they played was recorded straight to ADAT and here it is presented in its entirety including all the tracks from their album together with a stunning new track. The CD captures the band giving a harsher edge to their songs and demonstrating their considerable musical prowess in new improvised sections.

Due to overwhelming demand there will be a free bonus CD containing the original studio tracks that brought the band to the attention of CYCLOPS. Although most of these tracks were reworked and rerecorded for their debut album the originals have a raw power of their own and are significantly different from the versions released on Aurum Nostrum.

Those fortunate enough to have heard the epic new track will have no hesitation in buying this release and for those who have continually requested them the booklet also includes the English translation of the Aurum Nostrum lyrics.

All in all a 2 CD set of over 2 hours of accomplished progressive music defining the quality of the band Sinkadus.