1. Snålblåst
  2. Manuel
  3. Salarna
  4. Ättestupan





Rickard Biström - Bass, vocals
Linda Johansson - Flute, vocals
Fredrick Karlsson - Keyboards
Lena Pettersson - Cello
Robert Sjöback - Guitar
Mats Svensson - Drums






Aurum Nostrum
Live at Progfest '97
Sampler 3
Sampler 4






Sinkadus are a new Swedish group that we think are the best progressive act to hit the scene for years. The album Aurum Nostrum, which is Latin for Our Gold, is certainly the most stunning album that we have heard in a long while. If you can remember the excitement when you first heard Anglagard's Hybris then this is an album for you. Seventies styled symphonic rock but with a freshness and delivery which is all their own.

The lineup features keyboards (Mellotron and Hammond), guitars, drums, bass (the bass player also provides the occasional vocals), flute and cello.

Mellotron drenched masterpieces augmented with brilliant guitar and bass work are the hallmark of this 60 minute 4 track debut work. From the delicate acoustic interplay of guitar, flute and cello to powerful dynamic exchanges driven by the wonderful sound of Hammond and Mellotron. The melodic compositions compliment the outstanding individual musicianship of the band members combining to produce the many spine tingling moments on this classic album.