1. The Walking Dead
  2. Real
  3. Children Without Innocence
  4. Facade And Charade
  5. I Blinked
    a) The Winking Dead
    b) Peculiar People
  6. Habit Without Heart
  7. Catatonia
  8. I Turn My Back On You
  9. The Judgement
  10. Peculiar People
  11. Awake
    a)The Waking Dead





Carl Groves - keys, guitars, vocals
Kevin Thomas - drums, vibes, bells, tambourine,additional synths, vocals
Patrick Henry - bass, retro synth
Michael Ayres - Additional synths






The Robbery Of Murder
Not Everybody's Gold
Puppet Show (2CD live)
Salem Hill
Different Worlds
Sampler 3






Salem Hill's superb third album (the release prior to Robbery of Murder) is more of a concept work than their latest release, Not Everybody's Gold, and demonstrates the development of the sound now familiar from Robbery of Murder.

Originally released on the band's own USA label and unavailable for years, the album has been revised musically and repackaged with new artwork for the Cyclops label. Carl Groves, the band's leader, went back to the master tapes and then has rerecorded some of the keyboard/synth lines that he was not happy with on the original release. With some additional remixing and a great remastering job the resulting album has a superb sound.

The Salem Hill mixture of masterful songs with great instrumental sections of superb guitar and keyboards is ever present here. The classic "The Judgement" is included highlighting Carl Groves great vocals which must be one of the best in the genre.