1. Prelude
  2. Riding The Fence
  3. The Last Enemy
  4. January
  5. We Don't Know
  6. Let Loose The Arrow
  7. Sweet Hope Suite





Michael Ayres - Keyboards
Michael Dearing - Guitars
Carl Groves - Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Kevin Thomas - Drums, vocals
Patrick Henry - Bass

Guest Musicians:
David Ragsdale - violins
Ron Faste - Trumpet






The Robbery Of Murder
Not Everybody's Gold
Puppet Show (2CD live)
Salem Hill
Different Worlds
Sampler 3






Over three years in the making, the superb new studio album is now ready. The previous epic album “The Robbery of Murder” (CYCL 075) put the group into the top 3 currently active American Progressive bands and this enhances their position. The album is a full blown prog affair with church organ, massed choirs, superb guitar work, beautiful keyboard passages and textures all mixed together with brilliant songwriting.

One moment acoustic piano and sweeping guitar, then massed choirs with double tracked slightly distorted guitars.

The 30 minute epic Sweet Hope Suite is a tour de force which has the additional benefit of superb violin contribution by David Ragsdale fresh off the Kansas tour.

Anyone who liked the previous album “Robbery of Murder” and also the Transatlantic album and epic track should have no hesitation in ordering this classic which, in my opinion, is even better.