1. Overture 4:43
2. Swerve 3:05
3. When 5:58
4. Someday 6:13
5. Blame 4:00
6. Dream 4:24
7. Father and Son 3:16
8. To The Hill 6:31
9. Revenge 7:31
10. Trigger 6:24
11. Interlude 2:43
12. Epilogue 7:00

plus extra track: Evil One





Carl Groves - Keys, guitars, vocals, rain stick
Kevin Thomas - drums, percussion, vocals
Patrick Henry - bass, fretless bass
Michael Dearing - electric guitar, vocals

Guest Musician:
David Ragsdale - violins






The Robbery Of Murder
Not Everybody's Gold
Puppet Show (2CD live)
Salem Hill
Different Worlds
Sampler 3






“American prog at its finest!” - Mark J. Cella: M&M Music

“BRILLIANT!! Beautiful music in combination with dramatic vocals”
- Rene Janssen: The Dutch Progressive Rock Page

What is it that makes this album stand out from other prog releases? First of all it is a concept album that has a powerful emotive theme about a young boy whose father is killed in a car accident, growing up and seeking revenge on the driver of the other car involved. This subject gives the album a feel often generated by Roger Waters later writings for Pink Floyd, the similarity is most striking in the track “Someday” which could fit into any Floyd album in the Wish You Were Here to The Wall . Second is the quality and power of the songwriting much like that of Discipline, another of the current crop of US progressive bands who are keeping progressive music out of the rut. Third and most impressively is the standard of the musicianship involved, this band can really play and the scope of the album allows them to demonstrate that fact. There are passages of almost classical acoustic guitar and piano to the full pomp of guitar led rock but in between is the heart of the album, with subtle changes in rhythms and melodies being picked out by different instruments yet blended together into a complete musical experience. The addition of guest musician David Ragsdale on violins gives the album a marked Kansas influence in the later tracks.

This is a classic progressive rock album that cannot be ignored.