Disk One
1. Evil One
2. Real
3. Here and Now
4. Between the Two
5. Brave New World
6. The Judgement
7. Overture/When/Someday
8. Awake

Disk Two
1. Golden Crosses
2. Aceldama
3. Listen to Me
4. January
5. To The Hill
6. Trigger
7. Invisible
8. Waiting for Wonderfulness




Michael Dearing - Lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
Carl Groves - Lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
Kevin Thomas - Drums, vocals
Patrick Henry - Bass

Guest Musicians:
David Ragsdale - violins






The Robbery Of Murder
Not Everybody's Gold
Puppet Show (2CD live)
Salem Hill
Different Worlds
Sampler 3






Salem Hill are one of America's top progressive bands. This live 2 CD set takes tracks from the full repertoire of the bands five studio albums and also includes a brand new recording.

The recordings come from venues ranging from large outdoor events to small intimate indoor ones over a span of five years. The groups format ranges from 3 piece to the usual quartet plus some as a five piece with guest David Ragsdale from Kansas.

The live Salem Hill are energetic and spontaneous, just listen to some of the different extended versions of songs that are transformed from the originals by the instrumental breaks.

Tracks from their classic Robbery of Murder (CYCL 075) get new renditions in the live setting showing that although the strength of the band lies in its strong songwriting abilities they also have two great vocalists in the band.

The brand new studio track Waiting For Wonderfulness is exclusive to this release and will not appear on the next studio album due later in the year.

A must for all Salem Hill fans and a good starter for those who have not latched on to one of today’s top progressive bands.