Disk 1:

1. Rob Andrews - Lake Vinuela 2
2. Flamborough Head - Limestone Rock
3. Guardians Office - Dark Girl
4. Henry Fool - Pills In The Afternoon
5. Karda Estra - Projected Future
6. Lands End - Coming Down In Sheets
7. Manning - A Strange Place (live)
8. Mostly Autumn - Prints In The Stone
9. Mostly Autumn - Noise From My Head
10. Mysterkah - Red Daylight
11. Nice Beaver - Culley On Bleaker St.

Disk 2:

1. Odyssice - Scream (live)
2. Parallel Or 90 Degrees - Blues For Leah
3. Pineapple Thief - Variations On A Dream Pt 0
4. Saens - Escaping The Hands Of God Pt 2
5. Sphere3 - An Unusual January (Monkyfrog Mix)
6. Transience - No Turning Back Now
7. Tr3nity - Which Way
8. Twelfth Night - Fact And Fiction
9. Vulgar Unicorn - Gliders





Rob Andrews
Flamborough Head
Guardians Office
Henry Fool
Karda Estra
Lands End
Mostly Autumn
Nice Beaver
Parallel Or 90 Degrees
Pineapple Thief
Twelfth Night
Vulgar Unicorn







Sampler 1
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 4 (2CD)
Sampler 5 (2CD)







CYCLOPS are proud to announce our latest Sampler - the fifth in our award winning series. This budget 2 CD set is different from the last in that all the tracks are unique to this collection.

Rob Andrews has produced a new uptempo piece while Flamborough Head have completely restructured and extended Limestone Rock from their latest album. New Swedish group Guardians Office produce an alternative take from their debut album. Henry Fool, Karda Estra and Lands End have produced superb new tracks exclusively for the Sampler. Manning shows us his rocking best with a live version of A Strange Place with some magic guitar work. Mostly Autumn are represented by the single version of Prints In The Stone and the previously unreleased original take of Noise From My Head which was only available on the Limited edition of their classic third album. Mysterkah have produced a brilliant new track while Nice Beaver give a different version from their great first album “On Dry Land”

Odyssice looked into their archives and came up with a thumping live version of Scream. Parallel or 90 Degrees went into the studio and produced a radical restructure of their classic Blues For Lear. Pineapple Thief have provided a taster for their next project “Variations Of A Dream”. Saens give us the epilogue for “Escaping The Hands Of God” which did not fit onto the album. Sphere give us a completely different version of An Unusual Journey from their debut album. Transience have given us a brand new track with support again coming from members of Lands End. Tr3nity have a completely restructured and extended version of their classic Floydian Which Way. A previously unreleased version of Fact And Fiction by Twelfth Night recorded by the full five piece at CBS studios leads us into the new Vulgar Unicorn track Gliders which will be significantly different when it appears on their next album.