Disk 1:

Rob Andrews - Sunlight On Leaves (4:48)
Citizen Cain - Liquid Kings (11:23)
Finneus Guage - Press The Flesh (7:40)
Flamborough Head - Schoolyard Fantasy (8:05)
Fruitcake - On The Edge (5:22)
Haze - For Whom (5:20)
Jump - Where Silver Calls (6:04)
Bjorn Lynne - Shapechanger (6:58)
Guy Manning - Post Mortem (a) 3 Score Years and 10 (b) In My Life (7:19)
Mostly Autumn - The Night Sky (10:03)

Disk 2:

Mostly Autumn - Pieces of Love (4:15)
Parallel or 90 Degrees - Encapsulated (7:30)
Pineapple Thief - Private Paradise (11:38)
Salem Hill - When (5:58)
Sinkadus - Positivharalen (7:15)
Sphere - Shrimp SNG (4:09)
Transience - Desert Falls 2 (8:24)
Twelfth Night - The Ceiling Speaks (6:28)
Von Daniken - Extract from: Electrik Fish Music (3:34)
Vulgar Unicorn - More Money Than I Know What To Do With (4:55)
Kopecky - Bartholomew's Kite (8:04)





Rob Andrews
Citizen Cain
Finneus Guage
Flamborough Head
Bjorn Lynne
Guy Manning
Mostly Autumn
Parallel or 90 Degrees
Pineapple Thief
Salem Hill
Twelfth Night
Von Daniken
Vulgar Unicorn







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Sampler 4 (2CD)
Sampler 5 (2CD)







CYCLOPS Records are proud to release our 4th SAMPLER CD - this one being a budget priced double CD set. It includes 21 tracks from groups most of whom have not appeared on any of our previous sampler discs. Exclusive songs by Fruitcake and Sphere along with completely revamped album tracks by Pineapple Thief and Transience compliment the two live tracks, by Haze and Jump, and the other 13 album tacks.

Whatever your tastes in progressive music there is something here for you. From acoustic melodies through complex harmonies and counterpoints, flute and cello interplay to Hammond thrashing and searing guitar solos its all on SAMPLER 4.

Almost 2½ hours of quality progressive music from our worldwide roster of groups at a budget price that just cannot be ignored