1. Robert Berry - Dirty World
  2. Credo - The Letter
  3. Epilogue - Please
  4. Ezra - Somewhere
  5. Fruitcake - Where I've Been
  6. Grace - The Miracle
  7. Grey Lady Down - The Flyer (live)
  8. Lands End - Eyes of Venus
  9. Sphere - Three Simple Words
  10. Tristan Park - The Space Between
  11. Vulgar Unicorn - Lost for Ever/Supersmoke





Robert Berry
Grey Lady Down
Lands End
Tristan Park
Vulgar Unicorn







Sampler 1
Sampler 2
Sampler 3
Sampler 4 (2CD)
Sampler 5 (2CD)







This new low price Sampler showcases the talents now available on the CYCLOPS label.

What is different about this collection is that all of the tracks are especially recorded and exclusive to this release. Robert Berry even interupted his heavy schedule to produce another great track to help promote his Pilgrimage To A Point album.

This, unlike most samplers, is an album in its own right with 75 minutes of superb previously unreleased music.